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Security Label | a Paragon ID company


The world leading supplier of bag tags with 30 years' experience. 

Security Label is the leading specialist in baggage identification and tracking.
Our mission is to help airlines and airports to efficiently manage passenger and baggage handling.
Our reliable and user-friendly products, including bag tags, help identify and track baggage to minimise loss and ensure that passengers have a stress-free and optimal experience.

Baggage tag

Baggage Tags

We produce more than 500 million baggage tags per year for 400 airlines and airports in more than 100 countries, making us a true tag expert!
Easy self-checking


As part of the Eezeetags® family, we manufacture, sell and distribute the revolutionary self-adhesive linerless bag tag.
RFID bag tags

RFID bagage tags

We are part of Paragon ID group, a leading supplier of RFID technology. Combining our bag tags know-how with Paragon ID’s RFID expertise, we provide RFID bag tags in line with the IATA Resolution 753.
Other tags and printed items

Other tags and printed items

We provide our aviation clients with all the print items they need to run their operations efficiently.
Family walking through airport with bags

RFID technology stands at the forefront of innovation and can bring many benefits to the Aviation sector. Find out more about the diverse RFID applications in the industry. 

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broken luggage

Baggage damage is a common issue, exacerbated by the use of low quality bags. But some passengers intentionally check in broken bags to claim compensation for the bag and lost items. Find out how to handle false claims. 

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How baggage tags work

Next time you travel, take a moment to look at your baggage tags. They hold a wealth of information about your journey. Find out more!

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tag history

We're all familiar with the luggage tag, which is attached to the suitcase and contains information enabling it to be checked in and tracked to its final destination. But do you know its origins? Find out here!

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